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Have you ever experienced how it feels when you have sent out hundreds of applications with your CV and nobody answers back ? Why ? It´s not because your letter was misspelled or your CV was not good enough. No.
It´s because the majority of posted job ads are simply pure fake. Again why?
Because in your application and CV you have all informations of you, from kindergarden up to the university, your first jobs, your interests and hobbies, litterly all your life. That data is extremely valuable. That data of you is being collected and turned into a real good business for the collectors. They get it even for free and you receive nothing. One thing is for sure: that type of operation has no future and must be changed.

LifeTask – the human potential source
The decentralized competence matching platform based on blockchain and artificial intelligence.
No more sending out CVs and application letters.
No more spam from recruiters and never following up on you and no more lenghy and costy recruitment process.
No more data collection of recruiters with fake job ads.
Lifetask enables the total control of your data by using blockchain and smart contracts for secure data.

Lifetask is turning the process around by using artificial intelligence to match your competences, talents and experiences with the most compatable opportunities possible. Quick, easy and simple at a fraction of the cost.

Lifetask provides your dreamjob – your vocation which is the perfect solution for the employer too. Lifetask provides the perfect match for the companies for their vacancy. –more productivity, more quality, more capability, more motivation, more personal development, more passion, more happiness.
How it works?
Each of us is born with unique talents and gifts. Your talents will probably make you a wonderful career – but your career is what you paid for your vocation is what you made for. Have you ever asked yourself “what´s my passion?” Have you ever questioned what your vocation in life is?

“LifeTask flips the system. Not the job is being searched by job seekers, but the competences are being hunted by the employers”. (by AI matching algorithms) LifeTask is a decentralized infrastructure that allows people to publish their competencies, capabilities, interests and successes following registration by means of LifeTask tokens. All this information creates the cloud of interests.
LifeTask will then scan and match the two clouds by AI algorithms to source the perfect candidate for fulfilling the requirement at hand, before prompting the employer to pay for the privilege of getting in direct contact with the candidate using LifeTask Tokens. The exact amount of tokens can vary, and is established by the competence owner. The candidate receives a token credit each time an employer retrieves his or her contact. The artificial intelligence matches between the cloud of interests of the competence provider and the cloud of needs of the competence seeker (employer, organization, individuals)

LifeTask informs the competence provider (e.g. you) that somebody (e.g. employer) retrieved their contact information, and also receives direct contact information so that further action can be taken.
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ICO Start
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Stage 1
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14th of February 2019
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Soft Cap
4 Million USD
Hard Cap
35 Million USD
Max. Amount Tokens
11 Billion TASK
Smart Contract
Lifetask is in contact with the following exchanges
The development of LifeTask shall be guided through rigorous research, implementation of cutting-edge technology, and innovative marketing.
Our milestones represent our commitment to producing a brilliant product for both users and the wider LifeTask ecosystem.
Q1 2018
Phase 1
LifeTask Market Data Collection
Marketplace research
Meeting with HR specialists and CEOs
Tech creation
Creation of gamification elements
Construction of AI elements
Q3 2018
Phase 2.1
Elaboration of the LifeTask divisions SoulMate & ActiMate
Arrangements for Pre-Token offer to commence in Q4
Preperations of Pre-Token offer to be followed by Token Offer.
Q4 2018
Phase 2.2
Pre Token offer to commence on 5th November 2018
Development of LifeTask AI
Development of the Cloud of Interests
Development of the Cloud of Needs
Development of Smart Contracts
Development of the Anti-Fraud System
LifeTask Partner setup
LifeTask Platform development
Q1 2019
Phase 2.3
Implementation & Integration
Implementation of AI Matching
Implementation of Chatbot
LifeTask Blockchain
Integration of Partners
Testing and feedback activity
Q2 2019
Phase 3
Marketing begins. The platform and its benefits will begin to be marketed to the general public, as well as through companies using it via their respective HR departments. Furthermore, the power of the respective social media networks will be harnessed, and traditional on and offline marketing methods will be used in LifeTask’s German and English-speaking target markets.
Q3/4 2019
Phase 4
Marketing Expansion
Rollout & marketing in additional territories. This will begin with India, and later be followed by China, French-speaking countries and finally Spanish-speaking countries.
Q1 2020
Phase 5
Further Expansion
Rollout & marketing in remaining territories. Market the platform in remaining Asian territories as well the Russian-speaking territories, the Portuguese speaking countries and the remaining countries in Europe.
The team
Turning the white paper into reality
Harald Raymond Schildenfeld is a serial business creator, a visionary who strives to feel the pulse of the times and to anticipate trends. He was honored with several international awards for advertising and film music composition while studying psychology and media science. His professional upgrowth led him as music producer with No. 1 hits to a position of a management consultant at Warner Bros. and to his first project assignment, a construction of a CD pressing plant in Arabia, followed by a set up and implementation of a shipyard for motor and sailing yachts in East Germany, then followed by several years as management consultant at a large Austrian bank and establishment of a very successful youth brand. After seven years of banking business new challenges came up.
Mario Urschitz
CMO & International Speaker
Peter Hlavac
Dr. Andreas Kremla
Ivana McCann
Head of International Relations
Martin Hefler
Head of IT infrastructure
Alexandra Lupu
Head of Media Relations
Gerry Spilak
Head of Cooperation Corporates East & South East
Stefan Zavrel
Data Security Engineer, Senior Software Programmer
Olekseiy Kolodkin
Online Cooperation Manager
IT Structure & Mobile App Developer
Kyrylo Komburley
Frontend Programmer
Maks Reznichenko
Online Cooperation Manager & Social Media Bots
Vadym Bondar
Backend Programmer
Andrii Hryn
Online Marketing Manager
Yuriy Vasylchyk
Backend Programmer
Yuriy Tischenko
Q & A Engineer, AI & Chatbot Developer
Timur Roman
Graphic Design
Andrii Guliak
Mobile App Developer
Michael Draxler
Head of project cooperation
Wolfgang Kainz
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