The first decentralized competence platform for a talent driven job market
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How do we significantly reduce costs and time for business and candidates?
LifeTask allows people to publish their professional achievements, capabilities, and personal interests via the exclusive LifeTask Token
Employers can publish their exact job specifications, for a wide range of jobs and services, providing detailed information about their ideal candidate. LifeTask searches the AI cloud to find the perfect candidates for the role, at which point the employer shall pay LifeTask tokens to contact the best applicants. Token fees vary, as set by the candidate according to their level of competency.
The candidate will receive LifeTask tokens each time an employer retrieves his/her contact. Candidates are informed by LifeTask that their contact information has been requested, and then receives direct contact information with the employer. LifeTask tokens are also used for the settlement of service fees and the payment of salaries.
LifeTask puts the best candidates in front of the best jobs. Decentralized, P2P, and on the latest, fastest blockchain.
LifeTask creates a decentralised community of specialists, enabling global access to the very best of individual talent.
Our ultimate aim? Provide an outstanding platform which exceeds the current outdated recruitment industry.
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Pre-ICO Phase 1
30% Bonus:
600$ = 13,000 TASK tokens
Pre-ICO Phase 2
25% Bonus:
600$ = 12,500 TASK tokens
Phase 1
20% Bonus:
600$ = 12,000 TASK tokens
Phase 2
15% Bonus:
600$ = 11,500 TASK tokens
Phase 3
10% Bonus:
600$ = 11,000 TASK tokens
Phase 4
5% Bonus:
600$ = 10,500 TASK tokens
Phase 5
Token conversion rate:
600$ = 10,000 TASK tokens
60% Token sale
15% Liquidity reserve
12% Team
6% Research
5% Advisers and seed contributors
2% Bounty
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0.06 USD
Soft Cap
9,600 ETH
Hard Cap
39,000 ETH
Sale Cap
700,000,000 TASK
Smart Contract
Lifetask is in contact with the following exchanges
The development of LifeTask shall be guided through rigorous research, implementation of cutting-edge technology, and innovative marketing.
Our milestones represent our commitment to producing a brilliant product for both users and the wider LifeTask ecosystem.
Q1 2018
Phase 1
Market Data Collection & Research. Focus groups and qualitative data collection from HR specialists and CEOs, Development of software architecture, Construction of AI elements and integration of gamification elements.
Q2 2018
Phase 2
Token PreSale followed by Token Mainsale.
Q3 2018
Phase 2.1
Development of smart contracts, anti fraud systems, "cloud of interest", "cloud of needs" and AI.
Q4 2018
Phase 2.2
Implementation & Integration
Implementation of AI Matching, Chatbot and Mobile App. Integration of Partners, Development of LifeTask Blockchain, Testing, feedback activity and optimizing.
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The team
Turning the white paper into reality
Harald R. Schildenfeld
Mario Urschitz
CMO & International Speaker
Peter Hlavac
Ivana McCann
Head of International Relations
Kris Stelljes
Head of Online Marketing
Alexandra Lupu
Head of Media Relations
Gerry Spilak
Head of Cooperation Corporates East & South East
Stefan Zavrel
Data Security Engineer, Senior Software Programmer
Olekseiy Kolodkin
Online Cooperation Manager
IT Structure & Mobile App Developer
Kyrylo Komburley
Frontend Programmer
Maks Reznichenko
Online Cooperation Manager & Social Media Bots
Vadym Bondar
Backend Programmer
Andrii Hryn
Online Marketing Manager
Yuriy Vasylchyk
Backend Programmer
Yuriy Tischenko
Q & A Engineer, AI & Chatbot Developer
Timur Roman
Graphic Design
Andrii Guliak
Mobile App Developer
Michael Draxler
Head of project cooperation
Wolfgang Kainz
Martin Hefler
Head of IT infrastructure
Dr. Andreas Kremla
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